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Digital Marketing

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for beginners

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How do you deal with it ??? 

Digital marketing can be a jungle if you are new to it and just starting out.

We offer marketing support for beginners at affordable prices.


…are a team of freelancers from Berlin who want to help you find your way in the world of digital marketing.

… offer information on various topics related to online marketing, especially for beginners.

… encourage you to put your online business and marketing campaigns in competent hands.

We love working with independent business partners and freelancers.

The reason for this is: Each of them has a passion for his or her area of ​​expertise and takes time for each customer and each project.

We are by your side for your success.

Our services

We have an answer to every one of your marketing challenges

"All in One" Marketing

“Every product can be marketed!”

There is only one question:


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Web Design​

Nice web design in WordPress with Astra Pro WordPress Theme and Elementor Pro.

Web design can be challenging and mostly expensive. We’ll help you build (or improve) your website at a reasonable price that even small businesses and beginners can afford.

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Social Media

We help you to understand how social media marketing works, which channels are the best for your company and how you can use them efficiently.

From workshops to social media management with Social Poster and more.

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Content Marketing​

The ABC of content marketing and how you can be found online thanks to your texts.

Content marketing is one of the most important keys to your online success. We’ll help you figure out what it is, how to get started, and how to use it efficiently to grow your online business.

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Digital advice

We help you find out what you need to develop your business in a dynamic digital world and create a consistent plan for it.

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We'll help you understand what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is, the basics of it and how you can successfully implement it for your business.

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There is always a good strategy behind a successful company. We'll help you create your marketing plan and implement a marketing and social media strategy for your success.

We have good answers

Ask us

No. You should be on the social networks that are best for your business. For some it is LinkedIn or Xing, for others Facebook and Instagram or YouTube. Find out which social networks are recommended for your business and focus on them.

Good content is definitely an important element if you want to have a good SEO score

How about we do it together? OUR work depends on YOU and YOUR success depends on OUR good cooperation.


In fact, it’s very much alive.

The only challenge is to make it RIGHT and ATTRACTIVE.


Learn and develop continuously.

An old saying says that the moment you stop learning you start to die.

It’s the same for your business – it starts to die as soon as you stop growing.

DO YOU eat everything?

We offer various services that we adapt to the needs of our customers.

However, if the bite is too big for us, we would be happy to recommend you to our various business partners who can better help you and your company.

Rise To The Top:

Increase Sales

Every company lives from SALES. It doesn’t matter whether it’s technology, services or basic products. Discover the best marketing strategies for your growth and profits.

Work with us

The marketing experts

Experience and passion for marketing. We take great pleasure in finding solutions when everyone else loses hope.

Try it again

Best practices

Do not give up. Rome wasn’t built in a day. And even the largest companies must reckon with mistakes to be successful. The path is not always smooth. But if you keep your goal in mind, you will achieve it in the end.

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We make our customers happy

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We look forward to getting to know you and finding out everything about your company

Contact us and tell us about your company and the challenges. We will get back to you within 24 hours (during the working hours specified here).