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What is Lexoffice

What is Lexoffice

It is an online billing or accounting software, especially for small businesses and freelancers. It enables business transactions to be posted and payments to be linked to the business transaction without prior knowledge.

What is the difference between
Lexoffice and Lexware

Why Lexoffice and not Lexware?

Lexoffice is suitable for founders and companies who have little or no knowledge of accounting and want to dedicate themselves to their core business with all their efforts. You only need a workstation from which you can register online with Lexoffice and you can start. Lexoffice also ensures that the software is up to date. Simplicity and ease of use are a matter of course. A detailed help file with many tutorial videos is of course available to you.

Lexware is stationary software. This means that the software is installed as a single workstation on a PC or as a multi-user version on a server with several workstations. The first difference is that you need more hardware and it is your responsibility to ensure that all updates are installed on time. The employees in accounting should have knowledge of accounting, as they have to be assigned precisely and there is no pre-assignment according to categories. On the other hand, you have more evaluation options and can also create a balance yourself if necessary.

Start with Lexoffice

Why should you use Lexoffice

If you don’t want to bother with constant updates or faulty installations, it is the ideal way to manage your invoices and bookkeeping yourself. From any device, whether PC, tablet, smartphone, iPad or iPhone, you are able to process the documents on the move.

Who is Lexoffice for?

Lexoffice is suitable for the following types of company:

one-man business

BGB companies (GbR)

GmbH / UG

An interface to the tax advisor is available in all versions. The annual financial statements can be prepared by your tax advisor using data export from Lexoffice.

What digital options are there
for bookkeeping and tax returns?

With Lexoffice you can create your invoices and bookkeeping online. By connecting to Smartsteuer, it is also possible to create the tax return yourself. The data for the EÜR positions are taken over directly via the interface.

Is Lexoffice suitable worldwide or only for Germany

Lexoffice is tailored to German tax laws and is therefore suitable for companies that are taxable in Germany. Lexoffice is suitable for all types of sales. Domestic sales, EU sales and sales with third countries, e.g. Switzerland

What can Lexoffice do

With Lexoffice you can create, edit and print your invoice online or send it to your customers by email. Customers to whom they regularly invoice are created under Contacts with all important data such as address and payment terms, and this data is already pre-assigned when a new invoice is created.

You can save regularly recurring invoices, maintenance or other monthly, quarterly or annual invoices as serial invoices and thus automatically create the invoice for the respective period.

In the accounting you link your bank details with Lexoffice. In this way, the current bank movements can be called up regularly to Lexoffice and linked to the receipts. Your incoming invoices are also paid and assigned from Lexoffice.

Can Lexoffice do double entry bookkeeping?

Double-entry bookkeeping can also be carried out with Lexoffice. If you do your bookkeeping as double bookkeeping, you get faster and more precise insights into the finances of your company and can thus control better and more efficiently and, for example, recognize and avoid liquidity bottlenecks or costs that are running out of hand. Because of double bookkeeping, errors and discrepancies are immediately apparent.

If you book twice from the beginning – for example as a founder – you have advantages later when the company grows and has to keep accounts due to higher turnover or a changed legal form.
This saves the changeover later and thus time and money.

And best of all: If you use a modern accounting program like Lexoffice, you can not only use the advantages of double entry bookkeeping, but also do your bookkeeping almost automatically in everyday business thanks to the intuitive and easy-to-understand functions of the Lexoffice accounting software. By the way, Lexoffice does this automatically. You will find a booking overview there, for example.

Is LexOffice safe

Lexoffice is a certified software, which means it corresponds to the GoBD, i.e. the principles for the proper management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form as well as for data access, affects all tax-relevant documents. This extensive regulation has been in effect for all companies in Germany since January 2015.

How much does LexOffice cost?

With the 3 versions, which differ in scope, everyone can choose the variant they need and thus also adjust their costs.

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Bookkeeping made easy

Lexoffice is suitable for founders and companies who have little or no knowledge of accounting and want to dedicate themselves to their core business with all their efforts. You only need a workstation from which you can register online with Lexoffice and you can start…

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