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Unlocking Success

Imagine this: you’re a captain of a ship, charting a course across the vast, unpredictable sea of business. Your destination? Success.
Guest Article from Birgit Heidenreich – Expat Business Club Founder

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About Marketing

Top 3 Challenges

Every plan of life, of society, of the world in which we live falls under the ruthless but full of surprises power of eternal change.

And what field could be the best exponent of this law of the universe if not the business world?

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Bookkeeping made easy

Lexoffice is suitable for founders and companies who have little or no knowledge of accounting and want to dedicate themselves to their core business with all their efforts. You only need a workstation from which you can register online with Lexoffice and you can start…

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5 Definitions

According to the Duden dictionary, marketing is “a company’s focus on promoting sales by looking after customers, advertising, observing and controlling the market, as well as through appropriate control of its own production” …

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