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The world is changing!

The world is changing!

“The only sure thing in this world is change,” say the wise words of the great Heraclitus scholar and philosopher of Ephesus!

A harsh reality for some, delightful for others. It affects us all equally.

Every plan of life, of society, of the world in which we live falls under the ruthless but full of surprises power of eternal change.

And what field could be the best exponent of this law of the universe if not the business world? Here, everything is in a permanent dynamic, trends, values, prices, markets, preferences, etc.

In such an insecure and changing environment, the great struggle of all commercial actors comes down to the simple words “How do I sell as much and as quickly as possible?”.

It goes without saying that much of the burden of solving the dilemma falls on the already tired shoulders of marketers.

Marketing - a battlefield

Marketing departments face the harsh reality of market fluctuations, unpredictable consumer reactions, the danger of competition and many other attempts that make marketing agents the true heroes of the modern economy.

The situation is comparable to a real war in which fighters are companies, weapons are techniques and methods to promote products and stimulate sales, and resources are consumers who can lead the company’s destiny to the heights of success or the abyss of bankruptcy.

The difficulties that marketing encounters in today’s society are far too numerous and diverse for us to list them all.

However, there are 3 major challenges that put this already complex and volatile area to the test. Fortunately, there are solutions or, at least, we hope so.

TOP 3 Challenges in modern marketing

What are these issues that plague marketers everywhere:

If you have a business whether it is online or not, you need to be visible in the online environment to increase your potential buyer base.

Once you have an internet platform, where you promote your products or services, you need to make sure that there is as much traffic as possible on it.

In other words, it is necessary to entice your buyers to spend as much time as possible on the website, or on your social media page, because this increases the chances that they will decide to buy.

It sounds simple, but in reality it is quite complicated, because the natural tendency of people is to browse through what they find online. It is necessary not only to make a good impression on them from the beginning, but to lead them on a journey through your offers.

This process involves creating a unique and captivating experience for the potential customer, which will attract and keep him interested, even fascinated.

The risk of the visitor getting bored, losing interest and shifting their attention to the competition is always there. This consumer decision makes the difference between life and death for companies.

What solutions do we have?

Adjusting the content and presentation of products or services so that they are more attractive.

SEO optimization is the essential key to digital marketing, because it increases your visibility in the major search engines, primarily Google. In short, your product is more likely to be seen and bought if you have a good SEO strategy.

– Always review your customer avatar! Often sales stagnate or are weak because the company does not have a clear idea of the target audience. The better defined a customer avatar is, the more content and specialized marketing you can create. This way, you make sure that your offers reach the people who are really interested and who have the greatest availability to buy.

2. Brand awareness

In the exhausting chaos of the market there are a multitude of brands that offer or cover the same types of services or products. Basically, the big problem here is that demand is geared towards a fairly limited number of goods or services, but the number of commercial actors looking to build supply on the market is growing.

What does this mean? It means that in any field of activity or category of products there is an increasingly aggressive and intense competition.

How can a supplier draw buyers’ attention to their offer when their voice is lost in the deafening noise of the market?

One of the most effective and safest methods in the long run is to build brand visibility. The concept of brand awareness refers to how well the consumer public knows the brand or the market image of your company.

The process of building brand awareness is difficult to anticipate. Some brands explode in the early years and go viral, while others work hard for years or even decades to build a brand image.

No matter how fast you get there, once your brand has taken root in consumer perception and culture, earnings start to grow exponentially.
It is a long-term investment, maybe even unlimited.

Solutions to increase Brand Visibility/ Awareness

Innovation: one of the fastest ways to get the public’s attention is to come up with something new. Even if you offer the same product as thousands of other companies, you can ensure your uniqueness as a brand by adding a distinctive element to your product, for example how to use, how to pack, design, name, etc.

Dynamic adaptation of the product to the needs of the market. It is a strategy that many brands use and it is actually a form of adaptive marketing. Optimizing the offer in relation to the market trend is a smart but demanding strategy. Such an approach involves constantly analyzing consumer trends, studying the strategies approached by the competition and having an extraordinarily strong creative department. Fortunately, however, once you manage to get in the spotlight on the market, success grows exponentially.

Formulate your offer so that you sell the product experience. This way of branding targets the level of consumer emotions. It is a very effective technique if you detect what the market is receptive to, what are the sensitivities or impulses of the market and adapt your product so that it conditions and delivers to the customer an emotion he wants to experience.

3. Allocation of marketing resources

One of the biggest challenges for marketing is and always has been the allocation of resources. All companies want to sell as much as possible and invest as little as possible.

And who usually stays on the lowest budget? Of course, the marketing department / provider!

In general, investors either want to recoup every penny invested in marketing, or they want a profit several times higher. It is the concept known as ROI – Return of Investment

Whatever the situation, the poor allocation of resources to this important sales process will inevitably be reflected in revenues but also in the visibility of the brand on the market.

The major challenge here is for marketers, whose mission is difficult to persuade their superiors or employers to increase the budget dedicated to this activity. It is hard work that involves persuasive power and solid arguments, because any employer is very reluctant when it comes to paying more for no matter what service or department.

Solutions -
How do we get a marketing budget increase?

The most obvious solution is for the company’s agent / marketing department to present to the board of directors analyzes, statistics, forecasts that prove the direct effect that the marketing activity has on sales. The more accurate the presentation, the better it is based on mathematical calculations, graphs, probabilities and trends, the more convincing it will be. In essence, this method is the safest way to convince the investor or employer that it is worth putting money into marketing because that way the profit will increase. In other words, aligning marketing with sales is a very effective way to get more from employers for the marketing division.

Smart investments in marketing tools – In marketing, as in any other business field, the better the equipment, the faster and better the results. We need measurement tools that can accurately and correctly assess the impact that marketing campaigns have on sales and earnings. In this way, the most accurate associations can be made between the volume of resources used in marketing and the results reflected in sales.

Set your goals clearly! It is much easier to calculate a budget for marketing when you have set a well-defined target and follow it in a careful and calculated way. Any marketer needs to regularly ask himself what result he wants to get from the campaign he is doing. In this way, the goal becomes a factor of stability and structures the whole process.


Even though the field of marketing has become more visible, more complex and better studied, still, in practice, the challenges continue to be big and quite common.

However, today’s economy also offers many solutions for brave and innovative marketers who seek to climb brands and companies to the highest peaks of success in the market.

Whatever difficulties we face in marketing, it is important to know that for every problem, there is at least one very good solution!

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